Welcome to the Chow Chow Club of Canada, Inc.

In the year 2014, the Chow Chow Club of Canada, Inc. enters year 53 as the national breed club for our Chow Chow in Canada. We hope as the year unfolds we become more pro-active with the idea of 'responsible ownership' and that we can provide information through our breeder resources and online for the new puppy purchaser.

When you write us for breeder information, you'll be provided with a list of names, email addresses and sometimes their website addresses. Please feel free to email the breeder for information and know that each breeder is required to abide by the CKC Rules & Regulations/Bylaws and although this won't guarantee the health of the dog or its quality, please know that the registration papers are required for each. Don't be worried about purchasing a dog from people outside of your area either because many ship or transport quite safely. Beware of flying a dog in the heat of the summer.

The object of this Club is to educate and promote our breed in accordance with the Canadian Kennel Club's Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Rules and most importantly our Chow Chow Breed Standard, historically revised last in 2006.

We also as a Club shall host Canadian Kennel Club approved shows and will continue to recognize members who achieve sound and ethical breeding practices.

We hope that we can provide member feedback and act as a liason between the Canadian Kennel Club in its efforts to maintain a breed standard that reflects the Chow's ability to perform its historic and modern functions while retaining its distinctive breed characteristics.

We welcome your inquiries and hope you find the website informative and user friendly. Please feel free to complete an application for membership to our Club through our link on the site.

Thank you.

Cyndi Eldridge
Corresponding Secretary for the CCCC, Inc.


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